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06 mai 2007

thanks for the thoughts everyone...I am also thankful I have a backup pc now that is in my son's room, with wireless. And all my homework can be (re)done on it. Just that right this second, he's sleeping in this very room.

and yes, it is nice it is still under the first year waranty, but I'd pay so much to get those photos back (just not quite the couple thousand it would take to recover them)...though this pc has the photos of his first 2 yrs on it. Lost are all those mp3s I've bought in the past 6mos. And from the looks of my backups, I don't have any docs or photos.

the worst part of this is the shame I feel for being so stupid cause it is my fault I wasn't well backed up.

and in all my desire to believe it wasn't me or my mac that failed, I would like to point out that I was running Word for mac and had 12 docs open simultaneously when it happened. I should have noticed that my machine had started running like a pc (sluggish) right before it happened.

so go back up your stuff.


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06 mai 2007 14:13 (UTC)
I lost my pen drive a couple years ago and lost all my final projects. Yah, not fun at all ... I back up like crazy now. Ack.
09 mai 2007 06:16 (UTC)
I am just writing to say i love you..and i am sorry i have not made time for you lately...you are a true best friend and I love you and your boy, hope all is well and that your days are warm!

09 mai 2007 14:51 (UTC)
thanks....it's getting almost too warm around here.

so are you gonna have free time on the 19th of may, it's a saturday? cause I am gonna be there and want to hang out.
12 mai 2007 16:20 (UTC)
I wanted to say thanks alot for ur comment . i will be checking out that website.
i also added u to my journal.
i really could use someone to talk to right now. thanks!
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