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02 juil 2008

hey married people/people in long term relationships

how often do you fight about money?


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02 juil 2008 20:45 (UTC)
We discuss it once a week or so, but what's to fight over? there's not enough of it!
02 juil 2008 20:55 (UTC)
02 juil 2008 21:10 (UTC)
not very. we have joint accounts, and try to put x amount into savings every month, and whatever is over in each paycheck goes directly into savings. the only time we get stressed is when we have major things go wrong- like expensive vet trips or major repairs, but since we have a nice chunk in savings now, that has helped. then again, we kind of look at it like we only live once, and there are much more important things in life to fight over than money. especially right now when we rarely get to spend more than a few hours with a each other total during the work week, and weekends are all about fitting as much family time as possible in.

i know that now all the big money gurus say that joint accounts are a bad idea, but when keir came here from the uk, we had to do it to prove the it was not just a green card marriage, and since then, there has been no real reason to change it. it works for us, we trust each other to not make huge purchases without consulting the other unless it is a gift or an emergency, and honestly, i am the one that does all of the bill paying and balancing of the checkbook, so in the end, it all works out well. i think that we haven't fought about money since we bought the house, to be honest. we have had some really lean times, like when keir got laid off, and even then the fights we had were more stress related over whther or not we were going to try to move or wait it out and see if he was going to be brought back on.
02 juil 2008 21:33 (UTC)
We don't, but we've got it worked out to our liking - I handle the household account/budgeting/bills and he has part of his paycheck deposited into his own account for discretionary spending.
02 juil 2008 23:42 (UTC)
fight--no. stress--every once in a while, when an unexpected finance comes up. but i write out the checks and balance the book, b/c i am controlling and anal like that.
03 juil 2008 01:26 (UTC)
I used to fight about money constantly with my baby daddy when we were together, at least during the last two years or so of the relationship, very big bone of contention. Mostly because we were both really hypocritical about spending and saving, essentially we both wanted to spend freely and have the other be more frugal, fucked up I know, and obviously never going to work. It got to the point where I went behind is back with pretty much anything I bought 'cause he'd give me shit about it.
My current relationship has been long distance for the last year and a half and will continue to be for the next nine months, after we start living together, who knows, all I know is he's much more responsible about finances than I or my ex ever were.
03 juil 2008 05:00 (UTC)
Well Bill and I fight about it for sure!

A lot

it has been a stressful time and I cant wait to have the bills paid and a little cash in thebank

03 juil 2008 15:23 (UTC)
almost never. but it was a huge regular blow-up about it in my first marriage.
03 juil 2008 15:48 (UTC)
Not very often. Maybe neither of us take it that seriously. More likely, we're just pretty matched as far as a desire to be frugal. (And, of course, now that we don't really have to be as frugal as we once did it's even easier.)
05 juil 2008 02:18 (UTC)
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