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open up your heart

open up your mind

2 December
A tiny part begins to grow inside the seed. It uses the food stored there. A root breaks through the seed coat and turns downward into the soil. Roots anchor the plant in the soil and take in water. The first leaves grow. A stem grows upward and the leaves unfold.
abortion rights, activism, alternative fuels, anarchism, anarchy, androgyny, anti-oppression, anti-racism, attachment parenting, baby wearing, bamboo, beards, bedlam, bike riding, biking, birth stories, breastfeeding, cabinetmaking, camping, chaos, cheese, chemical sensitivity, childbirth, children, chocolate, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, coffee, coldwater spring, collectives, conservation, cooperatives, counterculture, crochet, cuddling, dance music, dancing, direct action, diy, dogs, dorks, doulas, drums, eating, environment, environmental issues, environmentalism, ethics, farmer's markets, fat positive, feminism, feminist parenting, flowers, foreplay, free speech, gardening, garlic, gay marriage, geeks, girlmom, hairy women, hammocks, hiking, homebirth, homosexuality, immunoglobulins, independent media, indian food, jews, liberal parenting, liberated women, love, lpfm, mama gathering, mamafia, men, middle eastern food, minnehaha free state, mothering, music, natural childbirth, nerds, non-conformity, one big union, organic food, organics, orgasms, pansexuality, parenting, peace, permaculture, plants, political satire, power to the people, pregnancy, pro-choice, radical parenting, radicalism, rage, rainbows, rambl, religion, reproductive choice, reproductive freedom, revolution, rocks, sarcasm, sawdust, self awareness, seward cafe, sex, sex education, sexuality, silence, single parenting, sleep, smart people, socialism, sociology, solar energy, sushi, sustainability, swimming, tattoos, teen moms, teen pregnancy, theatre, toddler nursing, toddlers, toxic chemicals, tree sitting, twin cities, universal health care, vegetarianism, video games, waffles, water, water birth, welfare rights, women's studies, wood, working poor, yoga, zapatistas, zev, zines,